Produce garden coming along

This is a great time of year for gardening. Our produce garden is getting better, with more of a focus on perennials this year, as well as fruits and berries. Next year, maybe livestock! Here's some photos:


  1. Wendy said...

    Hey, I didn't know you're a pair of greenies! Sectionlooks great. I bought a new greenhouse last year and am now eating my lovely toms and have taken loads of cuttings of plants I couldn't do before having the greenhouse. It's great having the space and the shelter to do now. I can recommend having a damsom tree. They grow well in Dunners. I've gotten K's and K's of fruit this year (4 year old tree)and it makes fab jam. I've also discovered an organic way of getting rid of wireworm ( I had heaps) I plant stacks of marigold (tagetes) evry year and since I started doing this (3 seasons ago) the incidence of wireworm has dropped dramatically-hopefully I'll get rid of the lot eventually. I could've used a pesticide, but it just doesn't fel right, or I could've steamed the soil, but that kills the good guys too. There's nothing nicer than eating your own organic produce.

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