Fireplace is in

We successfully installed the fire place 2 days before the wedding.

Richard (pictured) through his weight into the project and spent 4 hours in the roof directing Marlow, Chris Aaron and I.

I purchased the flue kit from Valley Industries and it cost me a little over NZ$500. In all it is 5 metres of flu, with 3 metres of 200mm and 250mm liners, spacers and top 600mm over the apex of the roof. I also bought a lead flashing seal for $130. It was an expensive exercise, but its good to know that we now have a fire installed to Dunedin Council standard. The fire puts out 1.27 g/kg of particle per Kg of fuel and is 89% efficient - which meets Dunedin emission controls, and the heat is unbeatable!!

We now cook on the fire when ever we use it, so we expect to save a lot on electricity costs - at least while we have renovation timber waste to burn. The heat from this fire is outstanding! For the first time Sunshine and I are able to wear light clothing in our living room :)


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